Social Media and Activism

ImageSocial Media has changed the world of activism. It has allowed it to reach more people and gain interest of people who might have never joined the cause. This is a very powerful tool, weather it is a simple trend or a major issue that arises. Although many things dont catch on with the media, many more do.

An example for a simple trend of activism is when someone started the #cutforbieber hashtag on twitter. Girls who follow Bieber began posting images of themselves causing self harm. They stated that they would not stop until Justin Bieber quit smoking marijuana. Read more….

This is just one example of how fast the word can spread with social media. There is many more.




Pros of using twitter

Pros of using twitter

This graph was found on
I chose to use this graph to show how effective twitter can be for many reasons. It is very impressive to see how effective it is to have users post links to a page and also it is impressive to see how just pages can tweet a link. Twitter is a very powerful tool to get the word out.